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The New Year has finally arrived, and with it comes a promise of a better future, both at work and at home. If you were feeling like a laggard at the office, the New Year should present you a reason strong enough to change things that are not perfect and need improvements. Here are the five resolutions that will keep you motivated all year: It’s a sensible assumption, backed by solid research findings that happy employees make a happy company. Workplaces that are served by motivated employees are invariably more productive, give birth to innovative ideas and products, and tend to remain more profitable. However, as much responsibility as it is of the employer to keep its employees motivated, the workforce itself should take initiatives to keep up their motivation level. If you manage to keep yourself charged up at least for the entire duration of your stay inside the office, you will find yourself more driven and better performing than your peers. Moreover, a motivated employee spills his energy and enthusiasm among the team members, leaving the whole experience of working inside the office greatly enhanced. Even if your professional life is ridden by a lot of obstacles and struggle, you need to shrug off the challenges and failures aside, step over them and rise higher. New Year resolutions are a good way of setting short term goals and giving new direction to your otherwise directionless life. Take these 5 resolutions; stick to them and every working day of 2014 will be a carnival for you.

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