100 Attributes to Being a Successful Business-of-One

By J.T. O'Donnell My friend, GL Hoffman wrote a post/e-book that outlines 100 attributes of people who start businesses. As soon as I read it, I thought, "These apply to ANY person who wants to know how to be employable for the duration of their professional lifetimes." Here's why... The new rules of job search and career development involve some harsh realities. Things like: - EVERY job is temporary! - College teaches you how to learn, but not necessarily how to get a job. - Brand or BE branded. - Jobs aren't deserved, they're earned. That being said, GL's list perfectly outlines why we all need to see ourselves today as starting our own 'businesses-of-one.' Which means, we can use his tips to assess our ability to succeed in today's competitive working world. From there, build steps to make sure you meet all of these attributes and I guarantee the success you seek will materialize. Here are my 10 favorites: #3 - Learn how to ask for advice. #6 - Find a business metaphor for your business idea. #11 - What pain are you solving? #21 - Delayed gratification. #32 - Ignore the little things. #72 - 4X the money, 4X the time #78 - Under promise, over deliver. #93 - Screw security. #97 - Don't blame others. #100 - Humorous. I shot an impromptu video above while hanging out at my favorite coffee shop to tell you why the above are so vital to professional success. Now, tell me your favorites below. In your opinion, what attributes are most vital?