13 Lies People Tell In Interviews

People aren't always the most truthful in interviews. When you really want to land the job, it can be easy to exaggerate, or stretch the truth a little bit. You're in the hot seat and the pressure is on - you're willing to do whatever it takes to beat out the other job candidates. It's natural, but it's definitely not the best strategy. Yet, it still happens. The thing is, though, interviewers can see right though it. They've heard them all. Here are some of the more common lies that one might tell during an interview.

1. I'm a total people-person. Everyone loves me. I mean EVERYONE!

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2. I wasn't fired, I quit that !@#$ place.

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3. The 2-hour commute each way won't be an issue.

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4. I really researched the company. Your mission means a lot to me.

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5. I love working with groups, I'm so patient and motivated.

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6. I never procrastinate. I love staying busy.

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7. My last boss totally loved me, I wouldn't even bother calling him.

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8. Relocate? No problem!

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9. What? My GPA? Oh, I just don't test well. I'm really more about getting involved.

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10. I am really reliable. I'm never, ever late either.

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11. Adjectives used by former co-workers to describe me? Epic, go to-er, captain fabulous.

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12. I’ve never caused conflict at my last job. I’ve never even participated in office gossip.

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13. Sorry I smell like smoke. My cat is trying to quit.

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So, don’t lie in interviews because it could come back to bite you!

(via giphy.com)Want to learn more about answering interview questions? Read our article "What Not To Say In An Interview."This post was originally published at an earlier date.
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