88% Of Readers Are Actively Looking For A Job In 2015

88% Of Readers Are Actively Looking For A Job In 2015
Hampton, N.H. (April 7th, 2015) - CAREEREALISM, a career advice and employment branding site, today published the results of its 2015 job seeker survey, through which its audience of 1M+ monthly readers were polled. Readers were prompted to tell us if they were actively searching for a new job in 2015. CAREEREALISM compiled the answers from its readers and discovered the following:
  • 88% of our readers are actively looking for a job in 2015.
The average number of people who apply for any given job: 118. 20% of those applicants get an interview. Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM, J.T. O’Donnell stated the following: “It shouldn’t surprise employers the perceived improvement in the economy is resulting in an increase in job seekers. Workers have felt trapped by ‘golden handcuffs’ during the Great Recession. Now, they’re ready to explore new opportunities in hopes of finding greater career satisfaction. This shift in the talent mindset is an excellent opportunity for smart companies to attract some of the hottest talent to their doorstep. Developing a strong presence online so job seekers can get interested in your open positions will be the secret to hiring the best employees in the next few years. The war for talent is very real… and it’s in full swing.” By showcasing your company on CAREEREALISM, you’ll have the unique opportunity to reach the job candidates your company wants. Add your company to our growing list of savvy employers today! To request additional information, please contact employmentbranding@workitdaily.com


CAREEREALISM, a privately-held career advice and Employment Branding company, was founded in 2009 on the belief that “every job is temporary.” The purpose of the site is to help people solve their career and job search problems. CAREEREALISM connects the top talent with the best companies by telling stories that showcase what makes a company’s culture unique. The company is the leading online destination for career advice and employment branding intelligence.With extensive experience in career counseling at large companies, founder J.T. O’Donnell has created an organic platform built to share experiences, provide feedback, and suggest how companies can reveal their talent brand. For more information please visit www.CAREEREALISM.com.