5 Best Jobs Of 2013

It's March 2013, and if you haven't started your new year job research, then you might be happy to find out that U.S. News (and Forbes for that matter) have already released their final job list for this year. This list is about what's hot in the new year and what field should you pursue - provided you're interested in jumping ship and moving on. Apart from the fact that these jobs offer a certain amount of satisfaction, they also pay the bills in a wonderful manner. Here are the best jobs of 2013:

1. Market Research Analysts

With more than 25,500 job ads in late 2013, market research analyst is certain a position one should be interested in the upcoming months. Not to mention that there is a significant increase over the same time period in 2011. Recruiters are on the lookout for quality market research analysts that posses a series of key skills - therefore being in the field isn't good enough, one will also have to prove their breeding in the area.

2. Software Developers

Now this is simply the number one job of all jobs. With an increase in popularity of over 7% in the past two years, there are more than a million positions open in the US alone. That not only makes it one of the best-paid position on the job market but one of the hottest one and with an incredible amount of opening. Consider areas such as San Jose, Sunny Vale and the entire Silicon Valley for that matter if one is willing to consider switching to a new place.

3. Accountants

Accountants are getting their moment in the spotlight as well this year. One of the most in-demand job titles this year is offering more than 26,000 openings only in December 2012, with the possibility of increased numbers during 2013. Recruiters are looking for talented accountants with relevant experience in their portfolio. It's relevant to mention that it is one of the highest paying jobs in New York at the moment - making it quite hot for fellow accountants.

4. Clinical Researchers

Clinical Research staffing has also seen a significant increase in importance. While the job might not seem the kind of starlight-shine job, studies have shown that it is sure to offer an incredible series of advantages. Recruiters are looking for people that have shown an incredible interest in pure research but with a series of decent applied skills.

5. Personal Financial Advisors

Right up there with the rest of the incredible popular jobs in late 2012 is the personal financial advisor position. With more than 8000 job ads in December 2012, this particular position has interesting recruiting conditions. Making it quite favorable as a job option for the next half year to say the least. Throughout the US, there is a limited hiring pool, making it an option for those that want to become eligible for this particular position. 2013 will be an interesting year in terms of job availability and trends - but one thing's for sure - the IT market is on the increase and will generate a large amount of jobs. Same goes for the financial sector. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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