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When working in an office, communication is key - no matter if you are talking to colleagues, your supervisor, job applicants, or customers. It's vital not only for the atmosphere in the office but also for the quick exchange of information to talk to each other. Talking itself can be a real skill, especially when you are giving a presentation, or speaking to potential or current customers. Though communication via e-mail or voice-to-voice chat is frequently used between companies and clients, telephone calls are still the main means of communication. But what's the best office communication tool?

Talk And Work

Most of the time when talking to a customer you will find yourself having to research various pieces of information on your computer at the same time. While the client is explaining his or her problem to you, you are already busily trying to solve it by looking up what could have gone wrong. To give you the necessary leeway to do this, using either a headset or a cordless phone is a good idea. A headset allows you to use both your hands, some wireless phone also includes loudspeakers to give you the same effect. Besides, you can easily take one of the cordless phones for the office with you in case you need to talk at a silent place. Going to an empty conference room with the phone enables you to concentrate fully on what your conversational partner has to say without being distracted by the usual office noises.

An Indispensable Tool

Especially if you are dealing with a very important client, being able to fully concentrate on the conversation and also having the freedom to stroll around are of inestimable value. Even though there are many ways to communicate nowadays, a cordless phone is still indispensable for an office. Quick reachability, easy handling and the fact that various models include additional functions like handsfree communication or the handling of three different calls at the same time make it a must-have for every office. Author: Daniel Rogers Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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