5 Brilliant Tips To Get Sponsored

5 Brilliant Tips To Get Sponsored

For those who do not know, a sponsorship letter is a letter in which you ask an organization to sponsor you. You may be an individual, a sports team or a fund raising firm. A sponsorship is proposed when you do not have sufficient funds to carry on your activities. A sponsor can help you by donating the needed goods or cash. All the sponsor wants in return is the free publicity of his or her organization and it can be done easily in many ways. Compelling your desired sponsor to help you is not an easy task, and it can only be accomplished if your sponsorship letter posses enough power to compel him or her. Therefore, I am sharing following few brilliant tips that will help you make it a compelling one to get you sponsored:

1. Follow The Format

Format is the most basic element of good writing. Before you start writing, you must search for the different formats of a great sponsorship letter. The format would be different if you are an individual applying for sponsorship as compared to a team or a fundraising organization applying for it. Therefore, you must know which format suits you best, and write your letter accordingly. One more thing, if you are applying as an organization, the letter must be written on the organization’s letterhead. If your organization does not have stationary, you will have to make it before applying for the sponsorship letter.

2. Research The Possible Organizations

Before you start your sponsorship letter, you must research the companies that may show interest in sponsoring you. Make a list of such potential organizations. After making a list, look for the organizations that have sponsored someone in past. Those organizations should be your main priority while applying for sponsorship.

3. Address The Recipient

You must know the name of recipient and should address him or her by his or her name. People think it does not make difference whether you are addressing the recipient by their name or not. However, it is one of their biggest misconceptions. Addressing them by their name lets them know that you have done homework about the organization before applying which creates a good impression.

4. Explain, But Do So Briefly

It is one of the important things of writing a sponsorship letter. Your letter must contain all the required information. However, it should be specific too. It is because the recipient may not have enough time to spare to read your letter. Making it long and explanatory can turn him or her off.

5. Closing The Letter

Your ending paragraph must thank the reader for his or her time, and you should mention a particular date and time that you will follow up with a phone call. Conclude your letter with a hand-written signature for an added authentic touch. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:   Photo Credit: Shutterstock