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WEBINAR: Buying A Franchise – Finding The Right One

People often wonder how they could become a business owner without a lot of unacceptable risk. This webinar, "Buying A Franchise - Finding The Right One," with Dan Citrenbaum, Entrepreneur Coach, will review:
  1. Why owning a business might be a great option.
  2. The number one reason people choose not to follow that dream.
  3. How to find out everything you want to know about a franchise before you invest.
  4. How much you will need to invest. (Hint: Less than you think!)
  5. What financing options are available in this lending market.
At The Entrepreneur Option, we see the evidence clearly: The way to reduce your risk is to learn all about the business before you make any investment. And with a franchise, you really can learn all about the opportunities and risks in advance. The statistics show the truth: Franchise companies have much more revenue than their non-franchise competitors. In many industries, they have 2-3 times as much revenue. The key is to find a franchise that is both a good business and a good business for you. There are two problems with this search:
  1. Not every franchise is a good business.
  2. Not every franchise that is a good business is right for you.
Free franchise coaching services are available to help you:
  • Evaluate the type of work you should be doing to be successful.
  • Find a franchise that matches your strengths with its requirements.
  • Learn how others like yourself have succeeded in this business.
  • Introduce you to financing options.
  • Research external factors such as economic trends, industry margins, and, specially, competition.
This webinar will take you through all the steps in the process.

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You might think your dream of owning a successful business is unrealistic. You will see everything you need to do to make that dream come true. If you are frustrated with corporate America and have ever dreamed about starting and growing your own business, this webinar is not to be missed! Join us or this special presentation! Presenter: Dan Citrenbaum, Entrepreneur Coach.   WATCH NOW ►   Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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You've been at your job at least five years. You're hard working, loyal, and driven. Your boss says you're doing a great job. She even hinted at things looking up on the budget and new promotions coming down the pipe. Your projects have been getting excellent reviews and you've even been rubbing shoulders with some influencers at your company. You feel so confident that this next promotion has your name on it that you'd bet your bottom dollar on it.

Then, it happens.

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