C-REAL-TV: 4 People Who Decide If YOU Get Hired!

By J.T. O'Donnell On this week's episode, I outline the 4 people you need to identify and befriend at a company in order to get hired. Watch this short segment if you've ever wondered: a) how you could improve the chances of getting offered the job. Or, b) who in the organization might hold you back from getting the job offer. Where did I learn this? Years ago, I was introduced to the sales training methodology of a company called, Miller-Heiman. They argue every company has key influencers for each corporate buying decision and that a salesperson can actually have greater control over the outcome of the sale if they develope a good relationship with each of these individuals . When I started my career coaching practice, I realized this same concept could be tweaked and applied to job search. FACT: We are all businesses-of-one trying to sell our services to employers. Thus, if we really want the position it's in our best interest to build professional relationships with the following folks: Gatekeeper User Technical Buyer Economic Buyer In this short video clip, I explain how to identify these key players as well as what expectations you'll need to meet and exceed for each one. I also share how gaining their approval will ultimately improve your chances of being selected for the job. Once you watch it, be sure to come back and share your thoughts and experiences with these buyers in your own job searches in the comment section below. Let's help each other get better at connecting with all the people who impact our ability to get hired!