Fulfillment Can’t Wait: Take Action Today

Some time ago, I attended a coaching course on the topic of fulfillment. While I gained so much from the information presented, one of the most important things I learned was fulfillment can’t wait. It’s the single most important thing we are all searching for. It’s the essence of life. And yet, so many of us put it off. Life, you might say, gets in the way of life. We want to be “responsible” and “rational,” and the end result is that we put our own fulfillment at the bottom of the priority list. Now, let me be clear: There’s nothing wrong with being responsible and rational. These are great qualities for any adult. But it’s easy to use them as excuses for not taking action. And, when it comes to fulfillment, action can’t wait. There’s another great excuse for not taking action - It’s called planning. Yep. That responsible, rational side of your brain is convinced making a resolution is a real step towards achieving fulfillment. Let’s be clear: TAKING action is not the same as PLANNING action. Does this mean you shouldn’t plan? Absolutely not. Establish goals, create your to-do lists, dive into planning mode as much as your heart desires. But don’t get it confused with action. Realize planning can, at times, be a hindrance to action. (Yes, as a self-proclaimed productivity junkie, this statement gives me the hives. But there comes a time when we all must confront the things that are holding us back.) Action is the key component to creating fulfillment. There’s nothing stopping any of us from taking action today. Really. I know it’s scary. I know it’s easier to just pull out the calendar and mark a day in the future as “The Day I Will Take Action.” But things come up. Life throws unexpected circumstances at us. That responsible, rational part of you will always find a way to jump in and say today’s not the day, no matter how long you’ve been planning it. I believe, with all of my heart, you can take action today. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap of faith; just one tiny step is all it takes. LIFE is waiting for you to do this. So today, instead of putting “run a marathon” on your to-do list, go register for one. Instead of saying, “Next year, I’ll start my own business,” go out and get a new client. Just go do it. There’s nothing stopping you. What action will you take today to get closer to fulfillment? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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