[E-book] 4 Steps to Creating Career Independence

Are you one of the millions of women in America who feels held hostage by their career? Ladies, are you tired of feeling like every career move you make comes up short? In this short yet compelling e-book Nationally Syndicated Career Expert, J.T. O'Donnell shares exactly why women fail to find career satisfaction on their own terms. More importantly, she walks women through the steps they need to take to break free from a dead-end career path and find the professional happiness they want and deserve. Career independence isn't a pipe-dream... savvy women all over the country are reading this FREE e-book to learn what it takes to find career satisfaction in 2012. Get your copy now! Thank you for your interest in this FREE e-book. Please use the green box below to receive your copy. If you cannot see the sign-up area, please e-mail our staff at help@workitdaily.com.

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How Analytics Planning Drives The Data Mesh

In this article, we are going to review the elements of a good analytics planning framework and how analytics planning is part of data product ownership in the data mesh.

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