Pursuing a Career in Medicine

Pursuing a Career in Medicine
The old chestnut about every Jewish mother wanting to have their child become a doctor may not be too far removed from the truth, and no doubt anyone looking to receive medical treatment in Israel will not be disappointed. However, a career in medicine is one coveted by every religion and nationality. There is much to consider before pursuing a career in medicine, though. To achieve the cache of being a medical doctor, with the status, respect, and who’s kidding who, the associated financial benefits, must be a labor of love. The years of study and dedication required to succeed in this field are unparalleled in the professional sphere. It is not uncommon for specialists to complete their studies 15 years after beginning their first year of medical school. And we’re not talking about 15 years of 12 hour study weeks either; we're talking about 15 years of intensive study that include years of being sleep-deprived due to internships. Similarly, the financial rewards are not forthcoming for a very long time. Once you have completed this arduous education process, you still must work long hours under intense pressure with the ultimate responsibility in your hands – the lives of human beings. Doctors may joke that they bury their mistakes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Add to this that, depending on which country you practice, the threats of being sued for medical negligence are a major deterrent to many whom would otherwise wish to enter this noble profession. Consequently, if you want to pursue a career in medicine, it must be a labor of love. It's not enough to be smart and it's not enough to be dedicated; you must want to become a doctor for all the right reasons if you are to succeed. You must be naturally inquisitive, smart, dedicated, and want to help people without expecting reward. The rewards will flow in good time, both financial and altruistic, but it must be altruism that guides your thought processes, not extraneous factors such as what your parents want you to achieve. If you do have your heart set on a career in medical field, though, it does offer enormous personal rewards. After all, who wouldn’t like to have the ability to heal others and make a difference to the world? There are different specialties to suit every personality and you would be responsible for keeping the most sophisticated machine in the world tuned to the best of its ability – a kind of messenger of the Creator. Pretty cool, hey? Article written by Jonathan PetersonCareer medicine image from Shutterstock
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