Career Prep: No Vacation Time But Need Time Off
Job search takes practice – just like studying for the SAT. That’s why we came up with daily Career Prep questions to help you “study” for your job search! Here’s today’s question: Eric just started a new job six months ago and has no vacation time accrued. He just learned that his brother is getting married at a destination wedding. He would need to take four days off from work to attend. He asked his boss about taking the time off and making it up, and was told the company doesn’t allow it. [poll id="80"] (NEW! Click here for the right answer.) Image Credit: Shutterstock
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Professionals who work in one of the top careers for women

Whether you're a college student trying to figure out where your true calling lies, an experienced professional getting back to work, or someone just looking for a career in another field, you need to make your choice carefully. With women making considerable strides in fields that were previously male-dominated, the lines of career limitations have blurred.

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