Which Career (or Sport) Deserves Higher Salaries?
Eli Manning won the Super Bowl... again. Derek Jeter is team captain of the New York Yankees and has five World Series rings. But, what’s more staggering to me is how much money these professional athletes pull in. A quick search on the Internet puts both of them well over $100M/year in salary and endorsements. Now, we understand playing pro sports takes a toll on your body. In fact, we learned the average football player shortens his life by "years" because of all the impact endured playing the game. So, some would clearly argue the millions of $$$ athletes make includes hazard pay. Which leads to this burning question... [poll id="18"] We want to know if you feel baseball or football players deserve to earn more money and why. Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. Sport salaries image from Shutterstock
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