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Having a career in the sports industry can be quite rewarding and exciting - even though you may not be the one swinging a wooden bat. Before venturing into this world, here are ten things to know about a career in the sports industry.

1. A Career In The Sports Industry Requires Networking

If you plan to get a job in sports, then you may have to attend many functions, happy hours, or networking events to find out who is hiring. At these networking events, you want to let people know that you are looking for a position and explain to them your many accomplishments.

2. It's Still A Business, So Stay Professional

Many people believe that, since it's the sports industry, you have a reason to be relaxed and slightly unprofessional. Remember that it's still a business. Remember to dress appropriately every day, come to work on time and maintain good work ethic.

3. Luck Is Very Important

In order to get ahead in the industry, luck is also very important. That means being in the right place at the right time. Your credentials and related experience will help you get a job; however, a large portion of success is luck.

4. Research The Job Description

Make sure to research the job description and the industry before applying for or interviewing for the position. You want to make sure that the job and the company is a place where you can flourish and grow.

5. Having A Love For Sports Is A Plus

If you have a love for sports, then this can help, especially during the interview process. It's always nice to work for a company that you feel passionate about.

6. A Very Competitive Industry

There are many people who are looking to break into the sports industry, so make sure you stand out.

7. Highlight Related Experience On Your Resume

Show how your experience links to your particular position. You should do this not only in the interview but also after you have gotten a position and are looking to advance in your career.

8. Jobs Tend To Be Localized

In the sports industry, many of the high paying jobs tend to be in larger cities, such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. It could be tougher to find a decent job in smaller cities or in towns, but you should definitely try.

9. It's Hard Work

Since the sports industry is a very competitive field, you will have to work hard and long hours in order to prove yourself to your superiors. If you are looking for a corporate position, don't expect for the hours to be just 40 hours per week.

10. There's Plenty Of Room For Mobility

Even if you have to start at the bottom as a receptionist or in the mail room, you can work your way up with a great deal of hard work and networking. One day you may be selling vintage baseball bats, the next you could be managing a team. Be patient. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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