Your Career Six-Pack: Become A 360° Career Strategist

What does a sizzling and well defined six-pack have to do with career strategy? Pretty much everything. First you need to have a well-defined goal. Related: The 3-Step ‘Beat Unemployment’ Plan If you are going to the gym with the attitude, “Yeah, I am going to work out for a bit, use some of the weights, and see where it’s going to take me," you are pretty much guaranteed to never get that six-pack. It’s the same with your career. If you are just surfing sites like to see if an interesting job opening comes up, take a somewhat random certification that sounded neat, or send your resume just to every company in your area, you will most likely never end up in a secure and dream job like scenario.

Commit To A 360° Approach

For attaining your goal of a premium six-pack, you will have to commit to a 360° fitness lifestyle approach. You will have to eat right and healthy, come up with effective cardio training and an ever challenging weight work out. On top of that you will have to permanently and consistently follow up on your plan. Ironically enough, I know quite a few people that can commit to this rigorous fitness regime, but can’t apply the same diligence for their career planning. And that is weird, because coming up with a good 360° career strategy is far less work. But let me elaborate on a few key ingredients you should take care of if you want to make sure you are ahead of your career competitors:
  • Well-defined career goals (where to do you want to be and when)
  • Outstanding resume and professional Bio
  • Active LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal Branding Strategy
  • Strategic Partners and Business contacts
  • Constant Networking
A lot of clients I work with start implementing these steps only after they have been laid-off. That is of course OK and better than not doing it at all, but - and here we go with the fitness again – it is a little bit like starting to work out for your beach body in late June.

Start Now And Don’t Stop

So, where does this leave us for our 360° career planning? My advice is: start now, no matter where you are at in your career and don’t stop. Even if you are currently employed, try to cut out a little bit of time every week to work on one of the topics mentioned above. Post something helpful on LinkedIn, tweak your professional bio and send it to some of your strategic business contacts even if you are not currently looking for a new job. You will thank yourself when faced with the next lay-off or career change. Not sure how to get started? Feel free to send me an email via my website . I provide free resume reviews, and might just have the necessary input to get your 360° strategy started!

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