3 Great Careers In Psychology

3 Great Careers In Psychology

Interested in becoming a psychologist? Usually when people think of psychology, they often think of the typical couch for the client to lie on while the “professional” tells them how to solve their problems. These psychologists are still out there, however, their job description has been further developed from archaic description.

Careers In Psychology

In today’s world, someone who acquires a degree in psychology can break away from the average and into a unique career that allows them to take advantage of the creative and critical thinking skills that come with a degree in psychology. Here are a few careers in psychology that you might find interesting.

Industrial-Organized Psychologist (I-O Psychology)

This career is set for someone who enjoys helping a group of people become one cohesive team. You’ll spend your time to speak to employees within a workplace to figure out the correct methods to increase worker productivity, training processes, assessment and human resources. I-O Psychologists also setup a correct hiring process for business so that all of the employees within a workplace are corresponding personalities that maximize the productivity of the workplace.

Clinical Psychologist

If you're someone who would rather work in the medical field, this subfield of psychology is for you. Clinical Psychologists often work in hospital and academic settings where they assess, analyze, diagnose, treat and prevent mental disorders. This career usually sees the most extreme cases of mental disorder, including schizophrenia and average to extreme cases of depression.

Forensic Psychology

If you really want to break away from the norm, forensic psychology just might be for you. Although, most jobs in the field have to do with working in courts to help settle custody disputes and provide psychotherapy to crime victims. There is an opportunity to work within the criminal justice system to help decide the next move a killer or criminal is going to take, based on the evidence and information that you have to diagnose and analyze to come to some sort of a conclusion. Having a degree in psychology gives you the freedom to work in just about any location or setting that you could imagine working in. From the business office down the street and the major university, to the scene of the crime, a degree in psychology will you the ability to work in the setting that fits you. Photo Credit: Shutterstock