Casting Call: Would You Participate in 'Career Rehab'?

Casting Call: Would You Participate in 'Career Rehab'?
We are gearing up to produce several new web tv shows designed to help people with all aspects of their career. One of the first shows we’ll be launching is called, Career Rehab. Think Shark Tank for your career. The show will have three career experts providing job seekers with brutally honest assessments as to what they are doing wrong. Contestants will have to be willing to:
  • Open up and share their career story by e-mail or short video.
  • Provide their resume, LinkedIn profile, and a recent cover letter sent to a job opening in advance of the show for the experts to review.
Only the participant’s first name will be used during the show and they will have the option to phone in as opposed to be on camera. The goal is to give participants some hard-hitting advice, as well as some constructive encouragement. In return, participants will win a free 30-minute coaching session with a career coach and a full year’s membership to CareerHMO ($300+ value). My question is... [poll id="21"] Tell us why! Now, please share why you would or wouldn’t want to be on Career Rehab in the comments below. We want to hear your thoughts. And, if you have any ideas for additional shows, we’d like to hear those too!Yes and no buttons image from Shutterstock