7 Tips For Powering Through The Land Of Soulless Work

Be clear when you are at work if you are looking to differentiate yourself from the others. Look around you; are you like many of the people in the working world trudging through the land of soulless work? People who dread going to work everyday, fear seeing their boss, and feel tense meeting their clients? How do you then power yourself through the land of soulless work? Here are seven tips:

1. Clarity Of Task At Hand

Have clarity of the task at hand. What is it you need to do? Some people like to make assumptions on the things they need to be done. They fail to ask and clarify. Thus, they make assumptions that make them worse off than if they were to ask.

2. Be Clear With Your Own Goals

Do you know what you want? This applies to both your work and your personal life. Some people like to blame their work for their unhappiness not knowing the source of displeasure is from their personal life. They have brought their own personal life into work. It is not work that has made their personal life miserable. Is that true with you?

3. Clear Out Old Issues

Are you clear with your own personal goals and what you want to achieve in life? Be clear with it. Are there old issues that have been bugging you? It could even be things that you have always wanted to do but fail to bring them into action. Do it now. Clear out these issues. Then you will see how you can power yourself through your career.

4. Be Clear On Challenges

What are some of the challenges you are facing now at work? Is it the lack of skills or a particular knowledge? Is it issues with colleagues? Be clear on these challenges. How are you going to tackle them and what is your plan of action. The reason you are seeing a lot of soulless workers is because these people talk, whine and complain without being clear on what needs to be done and act upon them.

5. Be Mindful

Clarity of mind is very important. That means you need to be able to distinguish things that you cannot change. What are the things you can do practically and how you can do them? There is not point in trying to solve a problem that cannot be solved. Knowing whether a problem can be solved or not takes experience. How does experience come? By doing it and going through it. And, if you fail, it’s okay. You would have paid the price for learning.

6. Have Clear Speech

Whether you are taking instructions, requesting something, or giving instructions, learn to be clear in your communications at work. It is an important skill. A lot of misunderstanding happens at work just because people are not clear in what they want.

7. Practice Good Values

Act in a clean way. This means, no politics, no back stabbing and be as blameless as possible. I know this seems impossible. Let me put it another way, just practice good values. Values if your child were to be looking, you will be proud to show. Be clear about your direction, goals, purpose, and action. When you can practice these at work, you will see how you can power yourself through the land of soulless workers. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:   Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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