How To Craft A Resume For A Telecommunications Career

How To Craft A Resume For A Telecommunications Career
With the rising technology trends in Internet and cable television, the career path in telecommunications has evolved into a highly technical job. The career path of a technician in telecommunications involves lots of training and frequently updated equipment to keep up with evolving technology. Here is a guide to the essential items that you will need on your resume in order to be considered for this high-demand career.

Customer Service

With the abundance of competition, customer service is a skill that is highly valuable in this career. Brand loyalty is the top priority when most cable television and Internet service providers are trying to be the consumer’s one stop shop for all of their telecommunications needs. Competition is now coming at the customers from cellphone carriers as well as satellite television and Internet competitors.

Related College Courses

Any training programs that you have been involved in need to be on your resume. The less your potential employer has to do to train you, the more of an asset you will be to them. There are telecommunications programs at most technology institutes which will give you all the basics to get started including basic electronics. Technicians have to route wiring and move wiring for customers based on their current needs and a general understanding of electronics is necessary.

CCNA/MSCE Certification

Another way to serve as an asset to your future employer is get your CCNA or MSCE certification. These will aid in having the required certifications that most employers are looking for. Although not really used on the job, they could help for future advances in your career in the telecommunications industry especially with business clients.

CAT 5 / COAX Wiring

CAT 5 & COAX wiring are two essential elements that you should have experience with as working with them is a main component of the daily work involved in being a technician. Other skills necessary are OSP (outside plant) wiring and color code for telephony and xDSL along with structured cabling which is used in business and multifamily dwellings.

Other Skills To Include

General knowledge of multiple wireless technologies and security settings will make life a lot easier since you will be dealing with customers who have been set up with a different company and may still have the settings and security settings that you will have to modify. Other helpful knowledge is the ability the flawlessly set up and configure routers, modems, and WIFI devices. With the rapid growth of these technologies many generations are still left scratching their heads when it comes to these simple tasks and will rely solely on the technician for support. This is also where patience will come in handy! By including these skills, experience and training on your resume you are ensuring that your resume will not get tossed to the side in consideration for your next dream job. With the growing need for good technicians and the evolving technology and skills it is definitely a career which will bring longevity. It also puts you into a higher caliber of technology skills if you plan on switching careers later in life. Happy j0b hunting! Photo Credit: Shutterstock