10 Creative Ways To Beat Career Stress

10 Creative Ways To Beat Career Stress

Career stress and stress over employment are usually related to just too things: 1. Not having enough money. 2. Trying to do too much in too little time. More money in your pocket translates into less stress over making more money at work. Take a look at these tips and try just three of them to vastly improve your stress levels and your life! Here are 10 ways to beat career stress through improving the quality of your life, while saving money at the same time.

1. Buy Your Cell Phone

Yep, you heard that right; if you don’t get your cell phone paid for through work, buy your cell phone up front. There are several reasons for doing this. First, there are tons of phones on the market - both new and used. Even if you opt for the newest best smartphone with all the bells and whistles it is still cheaper than paying for the phone through a “subsidized” contract. T-mobile and cricket both currently offer unlimited pay as you go cell phone cards that include data, calls and texts for $50-$60 dollars a month. That’s about ½ of the monthly rates for 2-year contract plans. There are even simple cell phone plans for as little as $35.00 a month. The best part is you are no longer locked into a plan or a phone. Hate your Droid? Sell it on eBay and buy a different phone. Moreover, if you land a job that comes with a phone- no contract to buy out.

2. Move Downstairs

No, no, not into the basement, just downstairs. You know the family room and dining room you no longer use? Time to transform those spaces into an office and a bedroom, or a TV room and a bedroom. Keep bedrooms upstairs for visitors if you like, but move everything you use on a daily basis downstairs. Be realistic, how often do you really entertain? If possible, install a door to entirely seal the upstairs off. Close the registers or even better, adjust your ducting. Either way heating and cooling bills can be cut in half overnight. Closing off the upstairs is like adding nine feet of the best insulation. Furthermore, living downstairs saves reams of time and energy everyday running up and down the stairs. It also forces you to live with less and it cuts housekeeping chores in half.

3. Buy A Bus Pass For A Month

We all think about riding the bus someday but buying a bus pass or a commuter pass for a month seals the deal. After investing in a monthly pass you will need to use it. Riding the bus or commuter train is becoming easier than it used to be. It is much cheaper to ride public transit than it is to own and drive a car. Living without a car can save an average of $8,000.00 a year. However, this isn’t the best part of riding the bus. Bus schedules will force you to become more organized. While on the bus or train it is possible to work, answer e-mail and call your mom rather than drive. Moreover, the bus usually entails a fair bit of walking on either end so there are health benefits too.

4. Take A Look At That Gym Membership

Monthly bills will eat you alive and stress you out if you let them. An expensive gym membership is a necessary luxury for some but there are several ways to enjoy the gym and cut the bill. Several gyms offer yearly rates in the Fall that are half the monthly rates. In addition, community centers, university facilities and high schools often have facilities that can be used for a nominal fee by ordinary people. Anyone who has lost their job should also ask gym management if they offer scholarships or reduced rates for low-income members.

5. Invest In Water And Lunch Containers

Indulging in coffee or lunch out should just be that- an indulgence. Make it a treat rather than a daily habit. Make sure that containers are made from safe plastic and/or stainless steal. Get in the habit of packing dinner leftovers into your lunch container for the next day. Take it with you no matter what, if you don’t eat your packed lunch- no big deal but at least you have it. Drink the water, all the time.

6. Cut The Cable Cord

Just how the cable companies have convinced us all that we need to spend more than $100.00 a month for content that is increasingly worse is amazing. A $20.00 public access cable box provides about 35 channels in most areas and anything else is probably available online. The added attraction is that living without cable TV provides great incentives to get out and enjoy life more.

7. Do A Little Housework Everyday

Rather than placing all the household chores into one weekend day spread them out over the week into 15-20 minute chunks of time. The result is a house that stays much cleaner and a weekend that really lets you relax.

8. Sync Your Electronic Calendars And Use A Paper Calendar

The one thing that you can count on with computerized devices is that they will fail at absolutely the worst time. Syncing work and personal calendars will make you more productive. The paper calendar adds piece of mind and it will force you to review and prioritize tasks as you write them down by hand.

9. Learn One Thing Every Day, Preferably With A Loved-One

The stress of life will bury you if you let it. Find an interesting fun book about something you want to know about and read it out loud to your child, spouse or friend once a day for 5-minutes. This simple interaction forces the pace of life to slow down. It grows your knowledge and relationships.

10. Set All Your Clocks 5-Minutes Fast

Always late? Make it 15-minutes fast. Just 5-minutes early can take a serious bite out of stress. No more rushing around, no more anxiety, no more disapproving looks from your boss. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock