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Meet Employer: Dell



Company Vibe: Techie & Hipster Size: Large (501+ Employees) Location: Round Rock, Austin, TX


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Leadership Style: Passionate & collaborative leadership team Values & Beliefs: Delivering results that make a positive difference, leading with openness & optimism, and winning with integrity Employee Attributes: Solution oriented and focused on keeping Dell at the forefront of their mind when they're making decisions WOW Factor: Have won many awards for work-life balance Fun Factor: Huge social media presence ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Have you joined our career growth club?

You've been at your job at least five years. You're hard working, loyal, and driven. Your boss says you're doing a great job. She even hinted at things looking up on the budget and new promotions coming down the pipe. Your projects have been getting excellent reviews and you've even been rubbing shoulders with some influencers at your company. You feel so confident that this next promotion has your name on it that you'd bet your bottom dollar on it.

Then, it happens.

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