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Why ALL Employee Contributions Matter at Chicago's InterContinental Hotel

PICTURED ABOVE: Hotel colleagues celebrating everyone's contribution to success. Senior Human Resource Generalist, Haseeb Siddiqui, loves how the InterContinental Hotel on Chicago's 'Magnificent Mile' makes sure it includes ALL employees in celebrations. HaseebSiddiqui-FeaturedImage-01Why is this something you want candidates to see? All colleagues, no matter department or level, are appreciated and celebrated for their contributions. What type of candidate will appreciate this? All Candidates! Interested in learning more about working for InterContinental Chicago? Visit Haseeb Siddiqui's recruiter profile and learn more about the company and how to apply TODAY. CLICK his profile to learn more!  
Have you joined our career growth club?

You've been at your job at least five years. You're hard working, loyal, and driven. Your boss says you're doing a great job. She even hinted at things looking up on the budget and new promotions coming down the pipe. Your projects have been getting excellent reviews and you've even been rubbing shoulders with some influencers at your company. You feel so confident that this next promotion has your name on it that you'd bet your bottom dollar on it.

Then, it happens.

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