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Recently, I had an enlightening experience that I want to share with you. Having been unemployed for a month now, and trying to sort through the web of emotions that comes with it, I realized people are good. They want to help. And every impression—no matter where you are—counts. Related: Interview Cheat Sheet: 8 Tips For A Flawless Interview I was in the publishing industry for nearly 11 years. I saw a lot of “transformations” including print to digital and… my own company reorg. Either way, it wasn’t a pretty sight, and my career path was left uncertain. However, as a newlywed, I am attempting to fulfill my hopefully temporary housewife duties, and find a good network of doctors for my husband and me. After diligently searching for dentists, I came upon one at the bottom of our street. I booked a 9am consultation. Little did I know this consultation would be a valuable networking experience. After the insurance and dental jargon was behind us, we got on the topic of careers. Instead of pretending to have a job, I openly explained my situation with as much confidence and professionalism as possible. After all, this situation was new to me. But why be ashamed of it? It’s what it is and I will own it. To my surprise, the dentist immediately named two friends in publishing, and asked for my resume. It was in that moment I realized that this wasn’t just a dental visit. This was the every day interview I could have with countless people, and perhaps with the same outcome: new job leads! Upon leaving, I wasn’t sure if it was a fit for us—much like the feeling you have after an interview. But at least I told my story, and ended up with a new valuable connection. I hope this motivated you to get out there and start networking. But if you still need a push, here are three reasons why the everyday interview is worth your while:

  1. It promotes an open mind. Sometimes, as job seekers, we feel trapped in one career path. The diversity of people you meet each day can change that perception.
  2. It keeps your "self-promotion" skills sharp. With practice, we learn how to "sell" ourselves in a concise way that captures the attention of new acquaintances, and eventually, a future employer!
  3. It builds confidence in social situations, and eventually, interviews! Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your own skin.

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