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Getting fired is never a fun experience. What can make it even worse is when you're fired for something bizarre, silly, or embarrassing. This can make looking for a new job all that much harder. How are you going to tell potential employers in your interviews that you were let go because you posted a tweet on the company account instead of your personal account about your opinion of how terrible the new Star Wars movie is going to be. Perhaps you called in sick to go to a local sporting event and bumped into your boss or was shown on TV. This list of crazy reasons why people have been fired is endless. If you can relate to this, we can help! In our new segment for Career On Tap called "You Got Fired For What?" we will be reading your crazy "I got fired for..." stories but it doesn't stop there. On top of that our hosts, J.T. O'Donnell and Sam Bennett, will give you advice on how deal with this when interviewing for a new job. So whether it's calling out sick and getting caught, posting inappropriate pictures to online accounts, or any other bizarre or embarrassing reason you were let go, we want to hear it! Don't worry - this will be completely anonymous and we won't use any company names either. We know it can be embarrassing getting fired but let us help make it easier to find your next job.

Submit your story below and keep checking back to see if you're featured on our new segment, "You Got Fired For What?"

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