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Gadgets in the workplace? Yes, that’s the trend! There’s no harm in bringing along one of your gadgets to your office if its useful. Here are a few gadget ideas for you to look into...

1. Digital Photo Keychain

Who doesn’t have a picture on their desk? A picture adds more personality, more dimension to the workplace. Whether it’s their family or their pet, a good picture looks good at the desk. But what about those who are constantly on the move? The answer is digital photo keychains, that can be easily hold over 30 pictures of your loved ones.

2. USB Humidifier

Let’s face it - offices can be dry/dusty, which can interfere with your work in case you got an allergy or dry skin. It can be really irritating at times. And you obviously don’t want to feel all grumpy when working. The USB humidifier works great in moisturizing the air in your cubicle. If you want, you can also add different fragrances to make the air different and pleasant.

3. USB Cup Warmer

We all hate to have our cup of coffee get cold when working on the computer. And for some reason, it happens real quick! The solution to this annoying problem is the USB cup warmer, which you plug into the USB port and simply place your cup on the hot plate to extend your ‘coffee drinking time’. Once you’re used to this gadget, you won’t be able to do without it when working!

4. Mobile Desk

Ever wondered how it would be like to travel around your office without having to leave your laptop behind? The mobile desk is a great way to experience this unique experience where you propel yourself from one place to another. If you’re looking out for a highly unique office gift that is fun and useful, then this has to be it.

5. The Smart Pen

It’s no different than a ballpoint pen, except that it remembers (or memorizes) anything you write on its memory stick. Not only that, you can also use it to record audio. The Smart Pen is great for taking notes in a lecture hall and when you’re being dictated something. It’s a smart gadget that will go a long way! While there are many good places to buy or dress up your gadgets such as Accessory Geeks, you should still see to it that the gadgets you maintain at your workplace should be useful in some way. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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