Dos And Don'ts When Giving Gifts At Work

Dos And Don'ts When Giving Gifts At Work
Giving gifts at work can be tricky. The holidays are a time for giving and sharing and this spirit is alive everywhere – even in the workplace.

Tips For Giving Gifts At Work

The exchange of gifts is a featured part of many holiday office party celebrations. Taking the time to give the right professional gifts can open new doors of opportunities for you. The right gift items can help you make amends with others and even help you ‘get in good’ with people in power.

Empower Yourself – Give The Right Gift

Influential people can be found in any workplace environment. These are the individuals that are respected and admired by others. They are the ones that can have an influence on how far you go within the company. Making a good impression on workplace power players can be the key to your long term success. The right gift can do wonders in this department. Start by finding out about the person’s interests and hobbies. These are things that are important to the individual and things that are associated with fun and good feelings. A gift that reflects these things will be appreciated. However, if you can make the gift unique in some way it will be more memorable, which can definitely work in your favor. If you happen to know a power player is into plants (which may be evidenced by the window sill garden in her office), why not give her a special type of plant? Bonsai trees are a classy choice. Receiving a tree as a gift will have special meaning to this individual. It will also provide ongoing lead-ins to conversations with this individual throughout the year. Many professionals donate to charitable causes. If you happen to know about a cause that is near and dear to a power player’s heart you can make a donation in that person’s name. This is a meaningful gift that will be remembered fondly. The idea of giving the right gifts is centered on choosing a gift that will be significant in some way to the receiver. But you should keep in mind that office gifts should not be too personal in nature.

Things Not To Give

Unwritten rules about professional gifts can be referred to as the ‘etiquette of giving in the office.’ Just as some gifts are ideal for giving in a professional setting, there are some things that should never be given. For example, giving the boss a pair of boxers in a Rudolph print may get you a laugh or two, but the gift may also result in a less than favorable memory for your boss. And, unfortunately, that memory will be associated with you. This could have long term repercussions. In general, any gift that may be considered too personal is not a good idea. Gifts that are not culturally correct as well as gifts of alcohol should be avoided. Your gift should be one that the receiver can openly discuss without embarrassment or concerns that the gift idea may intrude into an area that is private or personal. While the wrong gifts can have a negative impact on your reputation and your road to success, the right gifts can help you "win over" others. Article Author: Jennifer SmithPhoto Credit: Shutterstock