Want To Study Abroad? 6 GMAT Preparation Tips

Doing well on the GMAT is a major milestone on the road to pursuing a graduate degree from a top university. The exam is recognized worldwide by leading educational institutions for selecting candidates. There are plenty of schools which conduct admissions through GMAT results. This post will help you prepare so your GMAT score is a bright spot on your application wherever you submit it. For students looking to attend school abroad, doing well on the GMAT is an important juncture. Many consider it to be an entrance exam solely for MBA and similar business degrees. However, there are many non-MBA graduate management programs that require taking the GMAT exam. Competition for admission into the best schools is quite tough, and will only become more challenging with time, so acing the GMAT is a crucial step ahead of the pack.

GMAT Preparation Tips

While preliminary test preparation requires knowing the test structure, format and types of questions that are being asked, further preparation requires one to understand specific fields like Math and English. Here are some tips to start your business education through the GMAT:

1. Get familiar with the exam.

Your initial goal should be getting as familiar as you can with the GMAT. To start with, study The Official Guide for GMAT Review and also give a thorough study to the quantitative and verbal guides as well. By the end of a month, you should be able to know what will come in the final exam by taking at least two GMAT Prep Tests and also have a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Work on your weaknesses.

Once you have an idea about the areas you don't perform as well, it is time to strengthen them. Use a log to track your progress and the errors you normally make while solving a question. Find the root cause of any repeated errors and correct your approach by fixing those errors. You can join a short-term course in Quantitative Ability or English to give you a boost.

3. Keep yourself fit & healthy.

A sound mind lives in a sound body. If you keep yourself healthy, your abilities to learn will automatically increase. Take good care of yourself, especially in the days before the exam. Eat well and get a little extra sleep. You won’t be able to score your best if you feel anxious or haven’t had enough rest. Use stress busters like hanging out with friends, playing games or talking with your family to keep everything normal.

4. Improve your English skills.

For applying to colleges in countries that have an English-speaking majority, you definitely need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. In case your first language is not English, it becomes all the more important for you to give extra effort to improve your writing ability. Devote time to the verbal section of the exam by purchasing the Official Guide for GMAC Verbal Review that consists of a number of previous year GMAT questions, along with the answers and explanations.

5. Learn time management.

Taking the GMAT exam requires proper time management skills. Devoting too much time to a single question will automatically reduce the time you have for other (potentially more challenging) questions. If you find a question too time-consuming, just take a calculated guess and move on to the next question. Another important tip to save time is to learn shortcuts for solving long quantitative problems.

6. Take as many sample tests as you can.

Identifying weak areas requires you to take as many mock exams as you can. This will give you an idea about the topics that require further study. Download the question papers from the official website or pursue some form of preparatory course from a reputable institution. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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