Why Good Days Are A Career Priority At Appirio

Why Good Days Are A Career Priority At Appirio
PICTURED ABOVE: Appirio senior leaders onsite at a customer location-having a good time working and collaborating together.Kellie Hiatt, a recruiter for Appirio says the company believes having good days at the office should be a career priority. Here's why: Why is this something you want candidates to see? At Appirio, we believe work should be challenging and fun. What type of candidate will appreciate this? Candidates who are passionate about what they do and understand how to be the fun within their organization. Anything else you want to share? At Appirio, 8/10 days should be good days. If you're not at that ratio, you're encouraged to discuss why and how to change that with your team and manager. Interested in learning more about working for Appirio?VisitKellie Hiatt's recruiter profileand learn more about the company and how to apply TODAY.CLICK her profile to learn more!
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