[Ah-ha Lab] Why Google Really Rocks as an Employer
Ever get that e-mail that goes around showing everyone the amazing job perks at Google? It makes you long to work there. Well, it turns out the real reason they are such a great place to work isn't the perks - it's the leadership style. Tribal Leadership to be exact. Listen to J.T. share how there are 5 stages of leadership a company can have and how Google falls in the top category - an honor that only 2% of corporations in America share. Learn what you can do to adopt a "tribal" mindset to help you in your job search and your career advancement. She'll even discuss how tribal leadership will be embraced once the older generations retire from corporate America. Watch and observe a fascinating perspective that will inspire you to go out and create your own professional tribe for success. Each Ah-ha Lab is a discussion around a cutting-edge concept being shared by one of today’s emerging thought leaders. See the new ideas that are shaping our professional futures. Watch » Ah-ha Lab every Tuesday at 1:00 PM ET
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Teacher avoids making common teaching mistakes

As an education consultant observing instruction across content areas, grade bands, and schools, I have seen A LOT of instruction, both good and bad. While most teachers teach from a place of caring and compassion, the simple mistakes that I see teachers repeatedly making are undermining the overall impact that they could be having on learning especially when one considers the cumulative effect of poor teaching practices, across multiple teachers, on any one student.

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