Attract Interest with a Graphical Resume
Are you having trouble getting any bites on that traditional resume you're sending out to employers? Wondering how you can attract the interest of an employer and land an interview, and, eventually, a job? If you feel like your stale resume isn't doing you any good, consider revamping it into a graphical resume. Think about how many times you've seen a graphical resume. Chances are, you've never even seen one. Considering that fact, it's easy to see how an employer could be surprised by a more unique resume, and how it would make you stand out from all of the other candidates. Here are some ideas for graphical resumes: Show off your talents. This is especially important if you're actually looking for a creative job, particularly graphical design. You can use your resume as a canvas, showing the employer what you can do. Even if you're not an artist, you can use a graphic to showcase your talents. Did you excel in a past position, helping a company grow through your unique business plan? Make a chart that details your success. Organize your resume in a different way. How are we told to organize our resume? Name in big, bold print at the top, contact information, education, career history, skills, right? Break away from the formula and organize your resume in a way that will stand out. What are your most important attributes? These could stand out by being in a different color, font, or having a separate section. Section titles don't have to stay horizontal, either. Use a vertical font for headlines to instantly add some intrigue to your resume. Make your certifications obvious. Do you hold one or more certifications that are relevant to the position for which you are applying? A great way to show this to an employer quickly is by including the logo of the certifying organization on your resume. That way, when an employer first looks at your resume, they will recognize the logos and instantly know you have the necessary certifications. Liven up a boring bullet point list. Instead of using the typical circle or box for a bullet point list, consider using a small graphic instead. Gear it towards the profession in question, rather than using a random graphic. This article was written and sponsored by provides graphical resume solutions for job seekers. Visit them today to learn more about their graphical resume options.
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