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  Age: 23 Graduation Date: 2013 Major: Social Work School: University of New Hampshire Current Position: Respite Coordinator with the Family Support team at Community Partners  

Q: What was your biggest fear about leaving college and entering the “real world”?

Finding a job using my degree.

Q: What five words would you use to explain your job search as a recent grad?

I had an internship with Community Partners, and was offered my current job position at the end of my internship. Although I did not have to search for an extended period of time for a job, five words that would explain my job search were: hopeful, nerve-wracking, anxious, excited, and worried.

Q: What is it about your situation now that makes you a happy grad?

There are a few reasons why I am a ‘happy grad.’ I am working with an agency that offers a number of programs and opportunities for people who are eligible with us. I work closely with families, which is something I have always enjoyed, and I work with a great team of people who are a great support system.

Q: What are the best things about your current role?

Every day is something different (which can be both good and bad). I have a good mix between ‘office work’ and getting out to see families. I feel like the program I am involved with is something families really benefit from and find helpful.

Q: What advice would you give recent grads today about leaving college, and finding a career and life they love?

Work hard and pursue what your passions are. If you are on the job hunt, go to any and all interviews that interest you, but don’t settle for something if it does not ‘feel’ right. Take chances and don’t be afraid to push yourself. Get as much experience as you can!
If you are on the job hunt, go to any and all interviews that interest you, but don’t settle for something if it does not ‘feel’ right.

Q: What are some of the best things about being a recent grad?

No homework! Having free time to do whatever, and spending more time with friends and family.
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