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How to Break in and Stand Out in the Corporate World

We're sorry. The video on this page has been removed at this time. The corporate world provides incredible opportunities to build professional skills and cultivate your network - and those who work for large companies get to design and market products that are used the world over. Join CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, Blue Chip Career for a totally FREE webinar (recording above) on joining the corporate world. The event will cover need-to-know topics like:
  • What large companies look for in a candidate
  • How to design a resume that will stand out from the pack
  • What to expect in the interview process
  • Which skills you need to display to advance in your corporate career
This FREE presentation will be hosted by Jessica Deckinger, a corporate brand manager (and a member of the Blue Chip Career mentor network). Jessica, who went to Harvard Business School, has worked for Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Avon and is currently in charge of product development and marketing for Welch's Fruit Snacks. She'll talk about her experiences in the corporate world and define what job seekers need to do to 1) get a job at a large company and 2) succeed once they've been hired. If you want to learn more about landing your dream job in the corporate world, tune in to Jessica's webinar! Corporate office image from Shutterstock
Have you joined our career growth club?

It's easy to become distracted at work as the end of the year approaches.

With the holidays approaching, many people start thinking about their upcoming time off and making plans with family and friends. But, it's important to not let this joyous time of year get you off track at work. A sluggish finish to the year could easily spoil what was mostly a good year on the job.

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