Twitter: How to Tap into this High-powered Job Search Tool

Job seekers, I have three questions for you:
  • Still haven’t opened a Twitter account to bolster your job search?
  • Are you NEW to social media?
  • Is your current job search stalled?
Attend my FREE webinar called, "Twitter: Tap into the High-powered Job Search Tool." The New York Times called Twitter, “One of the fastest growing phenomena on the internet.” In this 60 minute webinar, I will show you 5 secrets to using Twitter as a job search tool:
  1. Create a powerful profile to attract potential employers and recruiters. Employers don’t hire generic employees. Create a profile that shows your winning brand!
  2. Learn how to gain an audience (followers) in days. Using social media involves time and investment. It only takes a few steps to gain followers if you use Twitter to your advantage.
  3. Whet your appetite with Twitter applications to increase your online visibility. Twitter features some applications that allow you to link your brand to other social media outlets for effective online presence.
  4. Use hashtags to start a global conversation. Hashtags are a useful tool to narrow down your area of concentration and connect with others in your desired field.
  5. Search strategically to land job leads and penetrate the hidden job market.
Also, you will discover:
  • How to tap into influential contacts
  • How to demonstrate your USP (unique selling points) to employers
  • How to find stars in your field
  • How to create a Twitpitch
Sorry, this event already happened. But you’re in luck, we’ve embedded the recorded version below. Enjoy! Melissa C. Martin is a bilingual career coach who specializes in offering career counseling by phone. Read more » articles by this approved career expert | Click here » if you’re a career expert Photo credit: Shutterstock

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