4 Tools That Will Improve Office Efficiency

4 Tools That Will Improve Office Efficiency

Every manager wants to ensure that their office is running as efficiently as possible. For the most part, how productive any given company is comes down to the work ethic and abilities of the managers, and the individual employees themselves. However, there are a variety of programs, tools, and technological applications out there that can boost your office productivity and the efficiency of each individual. Related: 7 Ways To Stay Productive At Work Below we have listed four of the best tools that will improve office efficiency:

1. Producteev

Producteev is a task management program that can help with the administration and delegation of group or office-wide projects. This software helps you easily assign tasks to employees and receive real-time updates regarding developments. Produkteev can breakdown projects to ensure they are easily viewable by each member of the team, and a comprehensive overview of developments can be gauged. Produkteev will regulate and organize work-flow, and is accessible on Android phones, computers, and laptops.

2. datapine

datapine is a program that allows you to report, view, and share data throughout your office efficiently and hassle-free. The program specifically excels in generating charts and graphs, and allows you to edit, send, and work on these easily. Through simple instructions, datapine helps you to build charts and share them via interactive dashboards. High-standard charts can be created quickly through simple-to-use drag and drop functions. The Cloud infrastructure allows all team members to view the updated charts and graphs from wherever they are at any time.

3. Boomerang

The functions of Boomerang are perhaps more simple than the two tools listed above, but like many of the best tools throughout history, its use and value stems from this simplicity. Boomerang can be installed with any Gmail account and acts as a personal task manager. The program will keep track of the emails you send and receive, and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. For instance, you can set up the program to notify you whenever an email you have sent hasn’t been replied to after a few days. Indeed, in such an eventuality, you can even arrange for a specific follow-up email to be sent out after a designated time period. Additionally, you can schedule initial emails to be sent out at certain times. This comes in handy if you want to ensure that your message is found towards the top of the inbox or if you are communicating with offices abroad. The reason this program is so handy is partly because, once it has been implemented, you become aware of how much was falling under your radar before without you realizing.

4. Ergonomic Technology

This fourth recommendation sits apart from the other three, but is no less vital or valuable when you set out to improve your office efficiency. Today, it is commonly accepted that happy employees are productive employees. Though office socials and a good coffee machine go some way to keeping your colleagues content, something as simple as ensuring that they are comfortable at their desk is even more important. Conducting a little research into ergonomic technology will show the methods you can deploy to ensure that your employees aren’t straining their bodies and putting their health at risk by simply sitting at an uncomfortable chair. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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