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Do you think it's time that you move up in your company? Not sure how to get an internal promotion? This week, we received the following career wish from one of our Facebook fans:

"I've been with my current healthcare company for over 10+years in the marketing|sales department. I am a New Business Rep and handle the implementation of new groups (101+lives). I also have direct contact with brokers to help educate them on our process and procedures. I work with several different team members to assure we reach our overall company goals and membership. "I've applied for positions that would allow me to move over the the service area. Basically, after the implementation of a new group I would been the person the broker/client would call on with questions or concerns of their healthcare benefits. They all seemed to fall flat - no offer was extended. "So now here I am again, with an opportunity to move up and over to the small group segement (2-99 lives) as a Sales Executive II Rep. "Do you have any advice that could help me on the actual interview process? I know I can do the job, its the interview that sometime gets me..." - MT
Congratulations, MT! The Facebook Career Fairy chose your wish and answered it with a personalized video! Not only that, but you will recieve access to the DIY Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP) on our sister site, CareerHMO (valued at $195!). Check out the Career Fairy’s personalized response below, and post your own career wishes on our Facebook page!
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