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4 Things You Can't Forget To Do Before Your Interview

4 Things You Can't Forget To Do Before Your Interview

You've sent in your resume and you got called for the interview. You've been preparing for weeks and you're ready to impress the hiring manager. These are the things you can't forget to do before your interview. Related:Preparing For An Interview: Step-By-Step Guide

Research The Company, The Position, And Your Interviewer

Before you go into the interview, know the company's mission, the company's biggest competitors, the company's organizational structure, and the biggest trends the company is facing. When you're called for an interview, do not be afraid to ask who you are interviewing with. Obtain the names of your interviewers, if possible, so that you may research the interviewer and have questions ready. Once you know who your interviewer is, prepare three questions you wish to ask the interviewer. Consider asking about growth potential, what the interviewer most enjoys about the company, and how long the interviewer has been with the company. These types of questions show that you have an avid interest in the company and its own employees.

Assess Your Skills

Know the skills and responsibilities needed for the position. Then, assess your strengths and skills. Highlight the skills in your resume that match up with the position. Add those skills to your notepad and memorize them so you can emphasize them during your interview. While you cannot anticipate each question that may be asked of you, there are ways to prepare for the commonly asked ones. Think about the relevant experience you have that will match up with the experience needed for the position. When listing your skills, make sure you have an example to provide as to how you have demonstrated those skills.

Prepare Your Interview Portfolio And Materials

Prepare your interview portfolio folder ahead of time. Make sure it contains three copies of your resume (preferably printed on quality resume paper), certificates/licenses, letters of recommendation, and reference list. Don't forget to bring a pad and pen to take notes during the interview.

Have Your Interview Attire Picked Out

What you wear to an interview is just as important as how you act during the interview. You should dress professionally and conservatively – dark-colored suit, well-groomed hair and nails, as well as limited jewelry. Remember, the interviewer's first impression of you will be made in less than 60 seconds! By adhering to these suggestions, you will be ready to showcase your skills to your interviewer and shine!

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