Kill Those Interview Nerves With Laughter
For most of us, job interviews are incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking. What if you don't know how to answer a question? What if you spill coffee on your outfit? What if you embarrass yourself? Don't worry, you'll do great! Just make sure you get a good, hearty laugh in before the big meeting. According to, laughter produces stress-relieving chemicals in your body, which makes you more relaxed. So, shake off some of those nerves with a little laughter! Check out this hilariously cocky interview below: Interview nerves laughter image from Bigstock
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Woman practices her public speaking skills

Public speaking can’t always be avoided in the business world when you’re tapped on the shoulder to give a presentation to your peers or to an important client.

Even in the age of home video conferencing, it’s still very natural to feel like you’d rather do ANYTHING other than turn on that camera, take a deep breath, and feel everyone’s eyes on you…watching.

Ever wonder how actors push through stage fright?

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