Interviews: 8 Questons to Ask [Video]
By CAREEREALISM Founder, J.T. O'Donnell I was recently asked by a young professional what questions she should ask a hiring manager on an interview. She had been burned in the past by not learning enough about the company before taking the job, and was hoping to get some insight into the best way to 'look under the hood' of the company before accepting a job. Wow! We've all been there, right? There is nothing worse than taking a new job and finding out that the company was less-than-truthful in the interview. I offered her the 4 Cs to good interview questions. I provided 2 questions for each one, totaling 8 killer questions that can help you: 1. Figure out if you are truly a match for the company. 2. Gain the respect of the hiring manager. Check out my answers over at Excelle,'s new career site for young female professionals. Or, watch this video below where I outline the 4 Cs and all 8 questions.

J.T. answers questions each week via Excelle on topics ranging from finding your first job, to getting a promotion and managing office politics. You can check out all of her articles here. Excelle is Monster's premier online community for female professionals in the United States.

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