Job Board Detox Tip #17: Build Your Resiliency
Today’s job board detox tip: Build your resiliency. What is resiliency? In my definition it is the speed at which we bounce back from discouragement. Another colleague calls it the buoyancy factor; how to stay afloat. We all get discouraged whether we are job searching or not. That is just life. But how we bounce back and how quickly depends on several factors. Take care of yourself. Eat nourishing foods. Add to your diet whole grains, plenty of water, and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. I have even begun to make green smoothies for myself. I know my energy and health has been affected by my lack of self-care and good nutrition. I am making some changes. You can too. Feed your mind good things. You get what you ask with what you fill your mind. If it is depressing and useless TV shows, then you’ll be depressed. If it is uplifting podcasts, music, or books, then you reap there, too. You will reap a better mindset. Mindset is key to being a resilient person. Spend time with up lifting encouraging people. Get away from the friends or colleagues that pull you down or have a negative influence over you. Be careful about who you spend time with. Be intentional in your friendships and the people you surround yourself with. [youtube expand=1] Job board detox build resiliency image from Shutterstock
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Weird Advice For Young Designers

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