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OK, you’ve been inside too much. Time to get out again. From all the research you have been working on, what are you learning about the companies on your target list? Who is in your network that can help you get in front of that hiring manager? Have you spoken to them yet? If not, here is your chance. Today’s job board detox tip: Make the call. Actually I want you to make 10 calls today! Right now! Yup! I am not kidding. I was thinking of typing “2-0” instead to push you even further. The more calls you make to potential hiring mangers the better your search will be and the quicker you will land at your destination. Remember - NO FEAR! Action kills the fear. Just do it. Think of what you want to say, even write it out and have it in front of you so you feel more prepared. Close the door to the room you will “hide” in to make your calls, pick up that phone and go for it. I put on my headset so it doesn’t feel so ominous. Then I can go from call to call quickly and without even thinking about it. Make calls that will get you in front of individuals who can help you get in front of hiring managers. We are closing in on the end of August. People are returning from vacations. The kids are going back to school. September will be here shortly and many hiring processes will kick back into gear. You can do this! Smile and have fun with it. Job board detox calls image from Shutterstock
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