Job Board Detox Tip #11: Fight the Fear
Today’s job board detox tip: Fight the fear. Fear is a powerful inhibitor of our success. It slows us and it can even stop us if we let it. The job search and transition that you are in could easily not be your choice. Many times, lately, it is not. Simply starting a search that is not by our own choice is a challenge. Then, add all the elements of fear that can hinder and you have unmotivated job seekers. Then, I go and add this challenge on top of it! Sweet!!! If you have accepted this challenge I know you are a strong person. Even the strongest among us has fear. It’s how we face it that matters. To help I have a quick list of steps to help you kill the fear.
  • Name it.
  • Ask - Why is it here?
  • Ask - What do I need to do to tackle it?
  • Act to change it.
Find someone who can help you through it. Who is an encourager to you? Who can keep you accountable to do the action you need to take to overcome the fear? Call them and ask for their help. Be specific with them. Set timelines and go. Action fights fear! Keep moving! You can do it! Resource: Free Kindle edition by Julien Smith , The Flinch. [youtube expand=1] Job board detox fight fear image from Stockvault
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Lynn Holland's go-to-market steps

Recently, a long-time colleague, the chief sales officer for a $21M technology company, reached out to catch up and asked for help to get to market in the primary vertical where I focus. He went on to share that his company made an initial go-to-market attempt by assigning a sales rep because of their familiarity with the product. He then admitted a modest return on their investment and a residual lack of knowledge of the industry, few connections, little brand recognition, or sales results. Fast-forwarding to today, he expressed urgency to relaunch with a short game to start generating revenue quickly and a long-term plan to establish themselves in the space.

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