Job Board Detox Tip #4: Make an Interview Bucket List
Today's job board detox tip: Make your interview bucket list. An interview bucket list is a list of 10 companies that you really want to work for. Find the companies that resonate with you in their mission, culture, product, and employees. This is a vital step in detoxing from the job boards. You are taking control of your search by choosing the companies you want to reach out to. Whether they have posted job openings in your area of expertise or not, put them on the list. Then, write out why they resonate with you. What about them clicks with what you want to do, be, or help in our career? [youtube expand=1] Job board detox interview bucket list image from Bigstock
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Weird Advice For Young Designers

I recently worked on a pro bono project for a friend, and it reminded me of a time early in my career and how lucky I was then to get such great advice from the more seasoned pros around me. Advice that ultimately saved me from some major pitfalls. I made mistakes here and there over the course of nearly 20 years of projects, but with each hiccup came a lesson. Here are some takeaways from my lessons learned and all that sage advice.

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