What Type Of Handbag To Wear To Your Job Interview

What Type Of Handbag To Wear To Your Job Interview

Getting to the job interview stage for your new dream job is a hard task. It means you've managed to strike the right chord when it comes to presenting yourself as the potential ideal candidate. Going in for the face-to-face meeting is the final step that can seal the deal but it's fraught with possible mistakes that can easily give the wrong impression.

Handbag Options For Your Job Interview

Over dressing can be as counterproductive as turning up to a serious interview panel in too informal a style, so it can be a tricky one to call when it comes to deciding upon the right interview outfit. This is where accessories come into their own and just as wearing a pair of shoes that give the wrong impression can be a subliminal interview killer, your choice of handbag can be something that adds or detracts points without the interviewers even really being aware of it.

Leather Handbag

If you are looking to impress in a subtle way for a high-end position, a leather handbag might be the way to go. Not always the cheapest of options, especially if you buy from reputable designers, these can come with an element of "bling" to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit. A cross-hatched leather handbag/shoulder bag with a durable design is a great option and will exude professionalism as well as style.

Medium Tote Bag

A classic design in leather which often uses rich colors and a bold structure, this bag is another great option. Popular styles features contrast colored stitches, grab handles and a removable cross-body strap for extra practicality. Look for an extra slip pocket on the front to help keep you organized and make this a great choice for an interview where you might need to access documents easily.

Small Satchel Handbag

You can't get much more of a statement bag than a small satchel with a detachable across body strap for added flexibility and security and a traditional Postman's Lock clasp. Two fixed short leather handles make for a more traditional way of carrying the bag and the clever use of internal belt straps enable widening for when you need extra space.


If volume isn't important but style is, why not plump for a true classic which is big enough to carry all your daily essentials but not much else? If you are more concerned about keeping you mobile, a pen, lipstick, and keys somewhere safe and not too bothered about carrying a dossier of projected campaign details then this could be the bag that says something special and unique about you.
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