5 Ways To Rekindle The Lost Love With Your Job

5 Ways To Rekindle The Lost Love With Your Job

When you started your job, you found yourself in the state of pure excitement. You would wake up early in the morning to get all dressed up and ready for work. You found it fun to clock-in early, set your daily schedule promptly, and meet with colleagues. Heck, you even liked to indulge in office gossip. Related: What To Do When You Hate Your Job Yet, over the years, all the excitement seemed to seep away, leaving you with nothing but a monotonous life. Now, you don’t feel that enthusiasm anymore, and every passing minute at your workplace feels like “HELL." However, it's too early to give up and quit because you can always re-ignite that passion. So, without further ado, let’s dig in and see how we can revive that old spark once again that we once felt about our job.

1. Never Give Up In The Face Of Hardships

Hardships are a part of our life, be it personal or professional. Everyone faces it at some point or another. The best way to survive hardships is to come to terms with it. When you accept the reality, you free your clouded-mind from all negative thoughts. With a clear and rational mind, you are able to strategize ways to cope with adversities and survive. However, to tag and bag the negativity, you first have to track its source. Be it workload, extra hours, or office politics, every problem has a source and so it has a solution. The key is to never let go of your sanity.

2. Always Seek The Elements Of Fun

The reason behind your lost passion might be the hectic routine you’ve been following since you joined. When you have the same work routine all year round, you are inclined to feel apathetic. The best way to tackle this problem is to find the elements of fun in your work. For instance, if your job requires writing, you may try to make it fun by setting a challenging goal. Test yourself and see how many engaging write-up you can produce on a set time limit. The more challenging goal you set for yourself, the more fun you get to experience.

3. Be The “Yes” Man/Woman

Say "Yes!" whenever a new opportunity presents itself to you. You may also volunteer yourself for a project that might be new to you but falls within your job description. For instance, if your job is to update blogs, you may volunteer for a web copy/ad copy project. Although the task does fall under content writing job, it requires marketing skills that an average blogger may not posses. Anyhow, a new challenge will definitely spark back the lost curiosity and passion.

4. Put Your Negativity Behind Bars

Negativity is the worst enemy of every human. It tends to seep into our heart without warning, depriving us of our precious delights. Negativity at workplace mostly happens when we start criticizing and stop appreciating the things around us. For instance, your irritation towards rigid working hours might be the source of negativity, but you can always cleanse away such dismal feelings by emphasizing on the positive aspects of your job like having a considerate boss, caring teammates, perks, and so on.

5. Become A Go-To

Appreciation is the key to unlocking the true positivity. There are many ways to welcome appreciation, but one such way that beats all is to become a go-to girl or guy at work. Yes, a go-to person gets abundance of appreciation than other employees. Why’s that? Because, he uses his diverse skills to assist not only his immediate department, but also people from different divisions as well. A go-to always gets the trophy because he knows how to utilize his unique skill set to his advantage. Things happen - it's a fact of life. So, don’t run away from it, simply accept it. Don’t make rash decisions, but try to give it a time and think things through. Finally, re-evaluate your decisions and you will sure to come up with something that will re-ignite your love for the job. This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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