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When it comes to finding work, let's face it, school teaches you everything except how to get the job. In fact, here are three things they don't teach you that you should know:

  1. Your job will not be like the way you dreamed it would after reading that case study in class. Translation: It always sounds better in theory than it is in practice.
  2. Your degree will get you to the career starting line, but nobody will be there with a course map and a start gun. (a.k.a. You're on your own!)
  3. You need experience AND a degree to get any sort of decent job. The classic "Catch 22" because you can't seem to get one without the other!
Okay, so if these realities make sense to you, then it's time to go back to school - career school!

Your Next Step

School teaches you everything except how to get the job. You must invest time in learning the right way to job search. I just finished four new training videos for you - they're all about executing an easier job search in this economy. My videos are completely free and I'm confident you're going to find them useful. The link to access the first one is below. WATCH VIDEO NOW ► Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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