Job Seeker Says: I've Got a Passion for NOTHING!

Dear Experts,

I’ve taken all the tests and can’t find a single job I’m excited about. I can’t imagine a job I would find interesting and no amount of money will drive me to do work that I hate. How does one turn around their complete distaste for work?

Dear dissatisfied,

Surely there is something that impassions you.

I don't know which tests you're referring to, but quite often, they refer to skills (which has nothing to do with what interests you). Skills do not equal interest. Talents, on the other hand, are entirely different.

So let's start with that. What talents do you have? They don't have to be work-related. If you still cannot, answer, ask other people what you are talented in. Another way of defining talents is your natural gifts or what do you have a knack for? Friends and family can help you with answering that.

Another option is to look at motivators. Think about school or community projects. What has motivated you in the past? Can't figure it out on you own? You can take a quiz for free that will list your 10 motivators. Check it out here!

Are there any social causes you believe in? Any charities that align with your values? ex: Red Cross, Cancer Society, etc.

Furthermore, interests really tell the tale. Or simply looking at national occupational codes.

Failing that. What books do you read? What movies do you like? What music do you like? Sometimes patterns from those things emerge.

If you have a so-called distaste for work, try, which looks at non-conventional jobs.

The last strategy is to ask people whom you admire or people who are working in a field they like, and ask them how they get to where they are now.

Best of luck.

There is something for everyone out there.

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