CAREEREALISM Announces 2015 Job Seeker Survey Results

CAREEREALISM Announces 2015 Job Seeker Survey Results
Hampton, N.H. (March 16, 2015) - CAREEREALISM, a career advice and employment branding site, released the results of its 2015 job seeker survey that polled its 1,000,000 monthly readers. Readers were prompted to refer companies they were interested in working for and wanted to learn more about.

Meet The Sophisticated Job Seeker

After sending out the survey to 105K+ daily email subscribers, CAREEREALISM compiled the referrals from its readers and discovered the following through research:
  • 100% had a dedicated careers page on their corporate website
  • 98%+ had a LinkedIn company page
  • 53%+ had both LinkedIn company and career pages
  • 64%+ had a Glassdoor company profile
  • 26%+ had both Glassdoor company and advanced profiles
Among the top seven most referred companies were General Mills, Forever 21, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Nintendo, J. Crew, and T-Mobile. The list of referred companies ranged in size from small, mid-size, and large businesses. Founder and CEO of CAREEREALISM, J.T. O’Donnell, stated, “This survey reveals the ‘new normal’ in recruiting for establishing credibility with top talent. A more sophisticated job seeker is emerging. If you aren’t providing them with easy access to the information they want, they’ll dismiss you as a potential employer.” Of the referrals, CAREEREALISM’s survey indicates that readers most commonly sought after additional information regarding relevant job opportunities, descriptions of company culture, and insight into the brands. Additional surveying indicates 76% of job seekers want to know more about the recruiter as well. To request additional information, please contact


CAREEREALISM, a privately-held career advice and Employment Branding company, was founded in 2009 on the belief that “every job is temporary.” The purpose of the site is to help people solve their career and job search problems. CAREEREALISM connects the top talent with the best companies by telling stories that showcase what makes a company’s culture unique. The company is the leading online destination for career advice and employment branding intelligence.With extensive experience in career counseling at large companies, founder J.T. O’Donnell has created an organic platform built to share experiences, provide feedback, and suggest how companies can reveal their talent brand. For more information please visit