Using Your Lawyer As A Trusted Business Associate

Using Your Lawyer As A Trusted Business Associate
When disaster strikes a business, whether it’s a financial, reputation, or business loss, the business enters unknown territory. It needs a legal guide to help it repair the damage and get the business back on track. It’s not a time to improvise, ask friends and relatives, or find solutions online. The business management needs a personal adviser with experience and ability to help fix what needs fixing. Recovery from a business loss is a legal as well as financial matter. Law firms can provide guidance and referrals to financial, reputation management and public relations, and loss mitigation professionals. They can take legal action to limit ongoing loss situations. If losses are a result of others’ actions, other legal avenues may also be pursued to avoid further losses and recover for current ones. Legal firms can act as “incident commanders,” professionals who direct a recovery operation in times of disaster. This gives business owners a chance to keep the focus on continuing operations during the recovery period, and makes sure that recovery strategy is not an afterthought. Financial recovery can require audits, forensic accounting, or management of a criminal investigation. Reputation management and public relations helps to keep the business’ successes and value to the community clearly visible. Loss mitigation can help limit physical losses and ensure that company assets of any type are accounted for and that their value is maintained. Businesses need to know where to find a law firm to provide recovery services. Online advertising with companies such as Google or Yahoo can catch business owners’ attention while they read business news online or check sports scores. Firms can reach out to local businesses directly or through the Yellow Pages. Chambers of commerce and organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Business provide introductions with trusted firms in the community. Companies which know the legal services market can help to establish a presence with both small and medium sized businesses and multinationals which may need local help. Just as businesses need to be ready when unexpected situations cause losses, so law firms need to position themselves to help companies avoid strategic mistakes. They can provide damage control and help recover losses so that the business is back running smoothly and with minimal harm to business operations. Law firms can be trusted advisers in a time of great need and uncertainty. Amanda Green is a freelance writer who writes on the topics of career, personal finance, and law. Some of her advice includes saving money as a business, finding the right legal services like LexisNexis legal marketing, and how to turn your master's degree into a higher salary.Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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