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10 Outrageous Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Jobs To Stick It Out

10 Outrageous Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Jobs To Stick It Out

Everyday you go to a job you can’t stand, you tell yourself one (or more) of 10 outrageous lies just so you can stick it out. QUIZ:Should You Quit Your Job? This is not a ‘feel-good’ article. It’s down and dirty and ‘real.’ As negative and off-putting as this article is intended to be, there’s a silver lining. It’s time that you got real with yourself. How long will you continue going to a job that you hate? Believe it or not, there’s a way out. There’s a way to take control of your career and live the life you’ve always wanted. It starts with confronting these 10 outrageous lies.

1. “It’s really not that bad.”

Maybe it’s not, or maybe you’re just delusional. When was the last time you received a raise or a promotion? When was the last time your boss gave you a pat on the back without following it up with a new set of tasks?

2. “A raise will come in due time.”

Unlikely. At best, the average person can only expect to receive an annual raise of between 2.9-4%. Once you include inflation and cost of living increases, you’re not truly getting a raise. You’re lucky if you’re breaking even.

3. “My hard work will eventually pay off.”

Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t. Has it paid off in the past? If so, how so? What metric are you using to determine that it has paid off? Have you received a raise, a promotion or at least a “job well done”?

4. “I’ll eventually get the promotion because I deserve it.”

This statement is riddled with entitlement and based on a common fallacy. No one deserves anything. The only way you get ahead in your job and in your career is by continually proving your value. No one cares about how many years you worked for the company and they don’t care how hard you work. All they care about is results.

5. “The hour long drive to work really isn’t that bad.”

Why do people consistently sit in traffic driving 30, 40, 50 miles to work? This time could be better used exercising or spending time with your family. The reason people find themselves in these situations is because they’ve limited their job opportunities by virtue of not building a valuable personal brand, which attracts more job opportunities in more locations. Build your brand, get more job offers, and work closer to home.

6. “My boss isn’t disrespectful, he’s just direct and straight-forward.”

That’s very nice of you, but don’t kid yourself. Your boss is a jerk and you know it! Why are you still working for him/her?

7. “My hard work will eventually be noticed.”

Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t. The longer you sit around hoping you’ll be noticed, the more opportunities you’re missing at a company who will notice you.

8. “If I hold out another 2 or 3 years I’ll get the promotion.”

Maybe you will, or maybe you won’t. What data do you have to indicate that your promotion will happen in your specified timeframe? If it’s based on other colleagues whom you’ve witnessed then that’s great, but if you’re just making up an arbitrary timeline for your promotion, you might want to think again.

9. “I go above and beyond, so I’m safe.”

What makes you think you’re the only employee who works hard? It’s truly rare that you find lazy employees, especially in professional workplaces. That being said, just because you work harder than most, that doesn’t mean you’re ‘safe.’

10. “My manager likes me so I’m all good.”

Teacher’s pet stopped after the 5th grade. No one is ever ‘all good.’

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